Equalization Certificate

EACDL confirms an individual's intellectual archives and check for their approval and genuineness. Once their academic qualifications are assessed, EACDL issues the employed person his permit alongside the duplicates of his past education which will demonstrate to his employer about his standard of education.

Working grown-ups, who are looking for work in the European locale, for higher profession prospects EACDL grants equalization certificates since the standard of training in the Europe district is not quite the same as the intellectual norms pursued around world, it is appropriate for each individual looking for work in the Europe to gain balance authentication for his already obtained education and work encounter.

Working grown-ups who have obtained credentials through the European Accreditation Council for Distance Learning have been procured by businesses from various ventures, for example, producing, designing, based on their quality of education.

Evaluation Process:

EACDL is built up with the mission to check the authenticity of capabilities, people have gained from worldwide schools, colleges and universities, outside European nations. We intend to guarantee and survey that their earned degrees and capabilities meet the academic measures, set by the European nations' advanced education foundations and whether these capabilities meet the criteria, applicable to the European training frameworks.

EACDL offers two sorts of credit equivalency assessment bundles, which incorporate Course-by-Course Assessment Report and Record by-Archive Assessment Report.

Benefits of course-by-course assessment report:

  • Document each course with semester credits
  • This assessment package provides equivalency for every document.
  • It confirms the period of education
  • Ideal for education, certification and licensing
  • This credit equivalency assessment gives review point normal (GPA) on a size of 4.0

Benefits of record by-archive assessment report:

This acknowledgement equivalency assessment package is best suited for, immigration, secondary school qualifications as well as employment.

  • Facts out period of education
  • Each document gets an equivalency through this assessment
  • Perfect for identification and clarification of certificate, diploma and degree

Eligibility Criteria

So as to graduate, students need to acquire a base number of upper division credits. They can exchange uncertain credits to get their degree, diploma or certificate cleared, on the off chance that they are looking to seek careers in European Nations. In any case, for evening out of capabilities and degrees, authentications or certificates, which graduates have earned from any worldwide foundation, outside the European Nations, they have to give EACDL exact and affirmed archives from their college, school or university, as indicated by our set rules. EACDL has the privilege to oppose an application, if any critical report or data is absent.

Equal Opportunity

Through an equalization certificate, an individual’s qualifications are properly recognized which leads them to apply for jobs that are relevant to their degree level.

Higher Education

Students seeking admissions in various international universities must also acquire an equalization certificate from us to ensure their preceding qualifications are equivalent to the standards of education in the world.

Certificate Attestation

Once an individual acquire an equalization certificate, he also receive attested copies of his academic documents that proves that his previously acquired education is recognized and well accepted.

Ensure Quality Education

EACDL ensure students past education corresponds with the international standards of education.