Business Accreditation

EACDL Accreditation for Businesses

European Accreditation Council for Distance Education permits your business to set achievable targets and build up a pathway of constant change. European Accreditation Council for Distance Education ensures organizations are resolved to determine any consumer conflicts in accordance with basic honesty.

Organizations certified by European Accreditation Board for Distance Learning in the Gulf States have portrayed the quality affirmation model to guarantee their business meets global scales of value in its products and services.

European Accreditation Council for Distance Learning gives accreditation licenses to organizations and businesses built up in the Gulf States. The council assesses and surveys general execution of organizations on a yearly premise.

European Accreditation Council for Distance Education issues accreditation licenses for organizations in the Gulf nations with the mission of advancing and empowering commercial center trust. EACDL guarantees and empowers best practices, dependable market conduct, and nature of items and administrations that meets universal measures.

Assurance of international standards

Institutions acquiring accreditation license provides assurance of its education based on international standard of excellence.

Acquire external & objective validation

Through accreditation license, accrediting agency provides external and internal validation to the functions and activities rendered by the institute.

Demonstrates accountability

As a fully accredited University, you will be awarded with EACDL's unique and patented Points Profile Score which will ensure that your educational programs are on a par with the global standards.

Professional development

Accrediting agencies provide regular assistance to enhance improvement and development in an academic institution.

International recognition

The license of accreditation provides an institute with international recognition and a place among the best academic institutions in the world.

National & international representation

Through accreditation license, an institute is representation through its accrediting body, which brings recognition to its name.