Academic Accreditation

EACDL Accreditation for Academic

EACDL gives driving ability in assuring quality affirmation and advancement in business colleges and organizations. EACDL provides consultation and assistance in the development and progress of quality education by your foundation entirely. Turning into an individual from EACDL, your organization is qualified to get various advantages that would advance your institution universally. Academies in the Gulf accomplish accreditation when it agrees to the fixed criteria, strategy and systems institutionalized by EACDL for colleges. All colleges looking for accreditation from EACDL must be built up in Gulf nations and must exhibit nonstop change in bestowing information and education.

EACDL will consider colleges through the general execution of its academic projects and the standard of quality of administrations and facilities given to its students. By accomplishing an accreditation permit by EACDL, colleges in the Gulf obtain confirmation of its worldwide standard of value training and give evidence of its being appropriate for driving the route in development and link rising developments in granting of education.

Accreditation for universities

EACDL helps ensure universities impart international standard of education that runs parallel to its QA model.

Accreditation for institutes

EACDL acknowledges the importance of student enrollment rate for an institution. Getting a status of accreditation from EACDL will help the institutes to establish their credibility in the world of education.

Collaboration & Networking Opportunity

EACDL through its wide network of member institutions around the world, facilitates collaborations and partnerships among its accredited academic institutions.