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About The EACDL

The European accreditation council for distance learning(EACDL) was built up to advance quality in separation instruction and preparing, and to give benchmarking, endorsement and acknowledgment to chief academic officers, presidents, and business senior members who needed an accreditation procedure that was not determined by strict measures identifying with sources of info and assets, yet was mission-driven and results based

EACDL has developed into a main expert accreditation body for schools and colleges whose basic role is brilliance in educating and learning, with well more than 150 individuals and 600 certify programs in the Unified States and all through the world. The EACDL accomplished a huge point of reference when finest accreditation agencies in the world recognized EACDL

What You Acquire From European Accreditation Council for Distance Learning?

Accreditation provides assurance that the school or program has been evaluated and has met accepted standards established by and with the profession.

It affords the opportunity for continuous improvement of institutions and educational programs on a regular basis so that quality is mantained.

It provides educational programs with opportunities for self-definition and self-reflection, and with feedback on program content and direction.